Prices subject to doggies conditions.

Mobile in front of your House 

Full Groom Including

Bath / Blow Dry / Brush/ Nails Cut / Ear clean/ Tooth brushing / Paws trim /Anal Glands / Standar hair cut style / Bandana / Cologne
       Small Dogs:         less 5 lbs $55/65
Medium Dogs:              6/16 lbs $65/75
     Large Dog:             17/27 lbs $75/85
Extra Services


  Special Haircut, subject at hair dog conditions. 
     Remove hair inside the ears and deep cleaning. 
     Any special shampoo or hair condition.
File the nails.
Restless and biting dogs.
 Weigth Limited, no more than 27 pounds doggies.



Dog Full Grooming


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